Remote Online Notary

How does online Notary work?

Online notary is a traditional notary who applied for and received an online notary commission issued by the secretary of state authorizing the performance an online notarization.  An online notary may perform all the notarial acts of traditional notary. At the time of online notarization, the online notary must be physically be in the state of Texas.


Principal (the document's signer)

Unlike in a traditional notarization, the signer in an online notarization does not need to physically appear before the notary. Instead, the signer in an online notarization is deemed to appear by means of a two-way audio-video conference that complies with the rules set forth by the secretary of state. This means the signer does not need to be in the state of Texas at the time of the online notarization.


Easy two-step identity verification

Unless the online notary has personal knowledge of the signer, the notary must verify the identity of the signer using the identity proofing and credential analysis standards set forth in the Texas Administrative Code. Identity proofing is performed through third party, dynamic knowledge-based  authentication questions. Credential analysis is performed on the signer's remotely presented picture ID using automated third party software processes that confirm the credential's integrity and personal details. Then we are ready to proceed to the notarization.